National Science Foundation Wireless Investigator Conference

Chicago, July 6th, 2007 – Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and the university's Wireless Network and Communications Research Center (WiNCom) will host the National Science Foundation's Wireless Network Principle Investigator (PI) meeting July 11 - 12.

The meeting will bring together leading researchers contributing to the NSF wireless networking programs, along with key government policy makers and industry research leaders.  Together they are working to advance the capacity, capabilities, and the performance of wireless networking to meet the future needs of society.

Advanced wireless networks are being developed based on innovations in physical device technology, semiconductor technology, and enhanced networking algorithms and techniques.  Investigators at the meeting will
discuss structural and technology solutions designed to significantly improve the access utilization of the limited radio spectrum for advanced wireless applications, such as wireless You-Tube,  wireless commerce, video meetings on the go, and more.  Emerging technologies like Cognitive Radios (CRs), smart antennas, ad hoc and mesh networks along with advanced security protocols will support these capabilities.

“The meeting will provide an opportunity to share new and emerging intellectual insight, and will focus on the stimulation of interaction between leading researchers,” says IIT Vice Provost for New Initiatives Dennis Roberson.  “It will contribute to the development of a technology roadmap and research funding plan for significant future wireless advancement.”


Click here to link to the NSF at IIT website


DySPAN 2005

November 8-11, 2005

Ayham Al-Banna went to the DySPAN conference. This turned out to be a very successful conference for us. Ayham presented the poster of WIL activities and was described as "the most popular person there" for generating a lot of attention to the poster. Refer to the DySPAN website for information about the conference.



Motorola Visit

July 16, 2007

Bruce Mueller of Motorola visited the Wireless Interference Lab and Spectrum Observatory. Mueller was provided tours and demonstrations of the facilities.


Shared Spectrum Company (SSC) visit

November 15-17, 2005

Mark McHenry and Dan McCloskey of Shared Spectrum visited the IIT WIL. They set up instruments and antennae on top of the IITRI Tower for the Chicago Spectrum Occupancy measurements. A similar measurement test was conducted in New York City in September of 2004. The New York report is available under our resources link. Once the Chicago measurements report will be completed it will be posted on our website. On November 17th SSC with collaboration of WIL conducted mobile measurements survey of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. This report will also be posted under resources.


Stevens visit

October 6, 2005

Pat White of Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) visited IIT WIL. Pat White gave a presentation on what Stevens is currently working on and their progress. Please follow this link to look at their publications and data measurements. WiNSec Publications